You must be an experienced Left 4 Dead 2 player and be extremely familiar with the game to understand and enjoy this server!
There are a few twists such as:
  • Special infected being much harder to kill having more hp.
  • Tanks with special abilities.
  • Wait times before the saferoom door at the end opens.
  • Ammo boxes that you open which can trigger random occurrences beneficial or harmful.
  • Resources that can only be earned, not found.
!buy !shop !respawn !revive !weapons
Sorry. There are no buy or respawn commands in this server.
You will see players whose survivors are in different colors. These colors cannot be purchased because they are to be earned. When you gain a certain amount of points, you are awarded with a color for your survivor. These colors indicate your amount of points and show off how much experience you have.
At the beginning of each campaign, you are to pick up a medkit from the pile at the start. There is roughly enough medkits for the entire maximum team of 24.
Then you must try to push through fighting off an onslaught of specials and commons coming at the entire team already. The only difficult part about this is that everybody starts with a pistol and due to the special infected’s high amount of hp, trying to kill them to save your teammates is a real struggle. If you are lucky enough to have VIP or a teammate with VIP, you can breeze through these rough starts with the weapons they obtain through the VIP system and collect the hopefully better weapons the specials drop.

Stay with your team and be aware of your surroundings
Being with your team allows them to quickly save you if you are being attacked or down. Rushing alone or staying behind will always lead to death no doubt.
If you find yourself far behind from your team, you are in immediate danger. Smokers in this server are buffed up the ass and their tongues can reach you from great distances and will kill you in seconds. When you are behind your team, you are guaranteed to be pulled by a smoker stalking you without your teammates noticing. A cheap but useful way to catch up with your team is to find a safe corner and type !afk in chat. This command will move you to spectator team but at the cost of a wait time ranging from 10-18 seconds. You must try to survive the wait time before you are moved to spectator team and from there, you can spawn back to safety.
Smokers do not always camp from behind but they can show up unexpectedly, pulling you away from your group if you’re not careful enough. Keep a close eye on high places and building tops.
In frustrating cases, smokers can be impossible to spot in campaigns with lots of trees and non-solid obstructions. To deal with these situations, listen carefully for smoker sounds and stay with a teammate or two to keep safe.
Always check your surroundings and do not quickly proceed into areas where there seems to be danger. Like no shit, why would you?
Watch out for sudden turns and corridors as well because there could be something waiting for you. Like this hunter right here.

Share and make use of the healing gnome
This is gnome chompski. He is given to the team along with the medkits at the beginning of every campaign. Please share and take care of him at all costs.
Gnomeski is a healing gnome so use him wisely to heal you when you are low on hp. In some cases there will be a rare gnome that heals quicker.
Please do not be selfish and hog the gnome because other players will be needing the gnome’s magical healing too. If you see a player walking slowly, it means their hp is low and you should be generous enough to give them the gnome. Sharing is caring.

Help your teammates
Do not be selfish and leave people behind. When you help your teammates, you create good karma — that good karma being that they will return the favor once you’re in trouble. When fighting a tank, lead it away from the incapped player and have someone or go help them once you have the chance. Do not attempt to revive a player when the tank is right in front of you because the tank’s attacks will land on them and kill them.
If a teammate is down inside fire or spit, be patient and allow them the crawl out first before picking them up because if their hp is less than half, the damage could kill them because of the time it takes to pick them up.
If you are the person who’s down and whoever is picking you up isn’t letting you crawl, press space to have them drop you free allowing you to crawl to safety. Doing this however will prevent anyone from picking you up for a few seconds so be sure you have enough hp when doing so.
Use your medkits on those who need it and especially those who are black & white indicated by their glowing white outline in-game.Please if you’re a guy, don’t be a white knight and only use it on female players just so you think you can get laid or something. It’s pathetic and creepy.

This is very important rule as it has been the reason for frustrating several players. Pushing/Shoving/Right Clicking is your life-saving grace to teammates who have been pounced on, smoked, or jockeyed. It is the Stop, Drop, and Roll of the server.
If you see a player being pounced by a hunter, PUSH! DON’T SHOOT! Remember the special infected have lots of hp and they will kill in seconds so do not expect to stop them and save your teammate just by spraying at them.
If you see someone down and they’re being attacked by packs of common infected, PUSH! (Or use your melee weapon) DON’T SHOOT! It will greatly help if somebody else is trying to pick them up too.
If you see someone being pulled by a smoker, PUSH! DON’T SHOOT! This rule applies the most in these situations because of the overpowered nature of smokers.
It is really crucial when you’re trying to reach a teammate that has already been incapacitated or black & white because once they are pulled, they will literally die the next second.

The Saferoom
Once you reach the saferoom door, it will not be open because the keyman is required to unlock the door. The keyman is always picked at random and only if they’re alive.
In most cases you will be asked if you want to farm before the door starts to open. Farming is when you choose to wait outside the saferoom longer to go hunt special infected for better weapons and items. Only vote to farm if your team is healthy and needs weapons. Farming usually lasts 2-3 minutes unless the keyman unlocks the door before farm time is over.
Once the door is unlocked, please be courteous and do not close the door on teammates coming in because it could mean fatal consequences. The reason why is once the door timer ends, everybody have 90 seconds to enter the saferoom or else instant death. During these 90 seconds, a nonstop onslaught of infected will come at you. This is why closing the door on people is a huge mistake because a special infected might attack and incap them right outside the closed door, leaving them for dead along with their items. Never close the door unless absolutely necessary or until everybody is inside.
If an incapped teammate manages to survive outside, open the door and let them to crawl into safety. Once again referring back to theHelp your teammates rule, if somebody keeps picking you up and not allowing you inside, press space to have them drop you so you can crawl in without hesitation. Have someone or yourself guard the door so no infected can come in, especially spitters and smokers.
Once everybody is inside and the door is closed, the round will end and everybody’s health will be restored to 100. The next round will begin to load.

Do not open boxes or bring any types of hazards near or in the saferoom
This is not really a serious problem but it can be if it continues. What happens is sometimes, players bring a gas can or anything explosive into or by the saferoom. The problem is that it’s an accident waiting to happen. The entire team will be bunched up by the door when it is opening and setting the spot on fire will kill everyone and result in a ban for whoever was responsible.
The same can be said about boxes. Not just in saferooms but also in places where there is no room to escape for a few moments and everybody is bunched up. Due to the risky nature of boxes, opening one in a place like these.

Give your ammo boxes to those with M60s
If you haven’t seen the Weapon Tier List, I suggest you see it now. If you have already, then you probably remember when it mentioned that you can only refill the M60’s ammo with the ammo boxes. Yes, sometimes the boxes will be regular incendiary or explosive ammo and not trigger something.
It is best to leave the ammo for someone who has an M60 so that they can regain ammunition.
Avoid throwing stuff near teammates
This is a common mistake always caused by new players. It doesn’t seem bad but the reason why it is bad when somebody is biled it because they are immediately in danger. Every single infected will only attack them (Except Spitters and Smokers) especially when a tank is active. It’s crucial whenever somebody is biled because the tank will immediately go after them and kill them on the spot.
The same can be said about molotovs since fire can kill quickly and deduct a good amount points from the thrower. Please note to stay away from fire at all costs because sometimes it is not the thrower’s fault and someone blindly walking into their flame will ruin their points for the round.

Take advantage of the blazebox and lead the way
In the list of boxes, there is a blazebox which is a power up that creates an orange flame and trail on you. Anything you touch will become in flames and you are invincible to common infected and semi-invincible to special infected. A smart move would be to bile yourself that way the infected will come to you and leave your team alone. When specials try to pin you, they will flinch and knock back catching on fire allowing you to kill them safer. This is when it is finally safe to rush. All of this while One Bad Man by The Midnight Riders is playing. (Unless you have a sound mod that replaces it)
But be sure to still have your teammates around you since you are not 100% invincible with it. Do not waste it by going up to a tank either because you’ll still get incapacitated.
The blazebox is useful against Witches because they will catch on fire upon contact and will not attack anyone. Not even the person who made contact.
In very rare cases, if you open a flamebox while you have a blazebox, you will not lose hp but instead you will have 150hp! Only for the round though.

Never use the minigun
Almost every single new player that plays on this server makes the mistake of using the minigun or mounted machine guns in campaigns. The problem with it is that the minigun’s accuracy is so horrendous that it always hits teammates and kills them almost instantly. Your tk will go so high up the ass if you make this mistake and do expect a voteban if you do so. In case I wasn’t clear, I’ll say it again, DO NOT USE THE MINIGUN!
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