Players Online - 19

PlayerPointsGamemodeTotal Playtime
se Sima8,444,338Versus17.05 hours (1,023 min)
pe ᴊᴏsʜ3,414,229Versus3.57 hours (214 min)
ar proxd™2,675,567Versus8.32 hours (499 min)
bo JosseLin2,672,350Versus18.46 hours (1,108 min)
pe The King in the Cono North1,246,185Versus10.88 hours (653 min)
pe frankanticonas1,184,649Versus3.06 hours (184 min)
pe T ᴀ Z698,527Versus6.47 hours (388 min)
cr StuxNet689,189Versus6.29 hours (377 min)
pe cuidador 2598,678Versus5.31 hours (319 min)
pe Sommer594,345Versus8.26 hours (496 min)
pe Whraight528,328Versus6.42 hours (385 min)
pe ding ling486,234Versus5.97 hours (358 min)
us Dayglow244,542Versus1.39 hours (84 min)
br K_Enjaku150,764Versus1.04 hours (62 min)
pe el primo de piero23,532Versus27.35 minutes (27 min)
ve BlessinG9,582Versus9.97 minutes (10 min)
ru Obey Matros136Versus12.00 seconds (0 min)
bo SilverCrow59Versus12.00 seconds (0 min)
pe Jhon Weed27Versus3.00 seconds (0 min)