permanently banned for rushing?

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    there were about 5-7 people keeping up with me so I thought we were all together since they’re only a couple people behind like always
    I had no idea I was rushing until I open the door and I looked behind me when I saw everyone was pretty far away from me
    I went to go back but before I could even do anything i was banned
    I’m going to be honest I don’t know who banned me since I was given no warnings and no admin said anything (i also think 2 admins were in game)
    I might have been given a warning but everything that was being said in chat at the time was in Spanish
    I only speak English
    I’ve seen other people who Rush constantly and only get warnings/kicked and i never see them get banned
    with a decent amount of people keeping up with me I thought I wasn’t rushing
    I’m sorry for rushing, I hope you take my apology and unban me

    if an admin reads this contact me


    i thought i was permanently banned I’m sorry for missing judging lol
    but still it wont happen again

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