I got unbanned on the server but i'm still banned on my steam group and site?

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    Hey it’s me again Nhil The Pro again! after 1 year and 2 months after i got banned i noticed that i was unbanned on the server
    i’m surprised to see me unbanned again after 1 year it felt like a prison where i can’t even message my other buddies after all
    but was released again to the prison and after that i was thinking if i could just message anyone on the steam groupbut noticed
    i was still kicked on the steam group even at this website so anyways would somebody try to unban me in the steam group? if not
    i will try to join it on my alt acc.


    we will check that but all people are in Discord Group so join Our Discord. The Link is here.


    Sure but i gotta like create another account because i joined in the server years ago but i can’t join anymore.

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