Falsely Banned / Banned for doing something that was not on the rules page

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    Name: Nick / Fierian
    Ban Reason: “Bot” Name (Not a listed rule btw)
    Ban Time Period: Permanent

    My name in-game is Nick (previously Fierian), I use a soundboard to communicate with others and keep events noticed by other players while also having fun myself. I would say I have been a member of this server for about two years, though I only play occasionally. I was warned to change my name because it was against the rules to have the names of “Bots”, once I went to check the rules to see if that were true I was banned ~30 seconds later without a chance to change it. Not only was I surprised to be banned almost immediately about getting warned I also found out it was permanent. I am making this post because I’ve noticed that it doesn’t state anywhere in the coop rules that it’s against anything. I mainly take offense to this because my IRL name is also Nick and I can’t even use it as my username. I expect some sort of clarification or reason for my ban immediately because I enjoy playing on this server and consider it bullshit of what happened. (Note: AJ was the one that permanently banned me for something that wasn’t listed on the rules section.)

    Alliance America's Co-oP Rules


    I send you an e-mail explaining how and what.

    Sincerely, AJ

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