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    Hello first of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Fierian and i’m one of your members on the Alliance America Co-Op Server. I’m here to talk about something i’m sure many people would like, A way to communicate and get news. I’m sure you all probably have a teamspeak or some type of communication for staff but it would be nice for you guys, or I of course, to make a hub for the members of your community to all talk to each other and share ideas. I believe this could help the players interact more and work together more. It would also add features for members to make more friends and work together more often. Now this might just be a suggestion but I believe it would be nice to have.


    Please forgive me of my stupidity I just noticed there was a discord. But I do recommend making a automatic server message for it.


    Well I just realized there is a discord but it is all in Spanish it seems. So to continue this message I believe you should make multiple channels for the English Speakers and of course the Spanish Speakers. Also you do need to add more text channels such as: Off Topic, Lounges(VC), General, Annoucements, and such. This doesn’t mean the discord is bad. It’s just that you have a discord for the L4D2 Servers “Alliance America” with the whole thing in Spanish. This is the Layout I would most likely use for this community.



    Notice how there’s two different words in the Info Section, these are the translations from English to Spanish so that both can understand what the channels are used for. And how the two lounges do not have the translations. This helps so that no one gets confused while typing back and forth to each other and stops the cluttering of English and Spanish in the rooms. This makes it so that both sides can be happy.

    I hope you enjoyed this post and that I can be of any help to you and that you can understand why I posted it. Hopefully you can be able to adopt this format and that the community can be able to talk back and forth. Thank you for your time.


    Hello…well your suggestions are welcome of course but we do have groups to communicate with players and for players to communicate with each other :

    Steam Group :
    Facebook Group :

    We have the Website and Forums too…And yes the Discord Server too.
    Most of players are South Americans so probably most of them use Spanish…But we want all players to be in same place and not separated on many Servers for communications.


    I understand, the reason why I made this is mainly because there’s a discord server but only the users who know Spanish can speak on it. It’d dbe nice to put a little more effort into it.

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